Happy New Year

Here is a second season’s greeting post. This year I made two cards, not sure which I prefer. One person said this one is “lighter.” I’d say the other one (below) is “deeper.” Maybe in 2014 there will be one that is both light and deep!

Special shout out to Gretchen, who is the only one who faithfully leaves comments here. Thank you, Gretchen! I suppose the fact that I post images without accompanying words discourages comments. Kind of hypocritical of me to wish for comments when I don’t offer them… Yet when I post I tend to feel the image should stand on its own. A bit of a dilemma…

Wishing  you all the best!

seasons blessings 2

4 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. Dear Jude I am a great fan of your art. It always speaks to me. If you want comments, do consider leaving a bit of communication. To some degree we are all interested in connecting through words. I have made some wonderful friends via the internet. I like to be with people both verbally and visually. You might consider using tags. But then you know exactly what they do. You introduced me to the blog world some years ago. Thank you. I wish you a happy and enlightening 2014. Many blessings, Gretchen.


    1. Gretchen, thanks for the suggestions! I started to add words, as you will have seen. I find myself self-conscious about the words, so I added them *after* posting the image, so anyone looking on social media won’t notice. Maybe I’ll get braver on the next post. I never figured out how to use meaningful tags (that wouldn’t be identical for all images), maybe I should look into that. cheers!


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