2 thoughts on “the plea — detail

  1. Suggests to me a nun in prayer. Could be a monk from any discipline, but there is a suggestion of a habit. I know how you paint and it seems to me that lately your paintings are more purposeful. Your captions engender emotions while your rendering is ethereal. My own work changes gradually and I thought that I have seen change in your art. Your pieces are exciting as always.


  2. Thank you, Gretchen! Though I try to post at regular intervals, I have been painting in spurts, where I’ll do a whole series in rapid succession over a period of some weeks, typically with several paintings in process at the same time, then not paint for a while. I’ve noticed that when I’m in one of those cycles, I “get on a roll.” That might be what appears more purposeful. I experience it as a greater flow, or clarity, with one image naturally flowing into another related one.


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