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CAFE GALLERIA during the month of April at Lincoln Sq Shopping Center, 4100 Redwood Rd, Oakland. Please stop by if you’re local!

Here’s the artist’s statement I posted with the 13 images —

Most art involves one of two processes. The artist may observe the world around him or her, select something of beauty or of interest and attempt to reproduce it. Or the artist may have an inner vision and replicate that, often with the use of symbols.

I do neither of these.

When I paint, I prefer to be in a state of open-eyed meditation. This way I don’t have to “do” anything; the images just “happen.” There is no external object to be reproduced. There is no internal object either. Everything comes from within in that moment.

A number of themes recur in my work, which I would describe as follows. The world in which we live is not only concrete but subtle in nature. As subtle beings, our substance is energy, which exists in continual motion. As spiritual beings, we inhabit a world not fixed in time and space, that transcends pleasure and pain, yet embraces these polarities.