blessed one

I started this one after spending all day watching inauguration events, feeling the remarkable turning of the times.

A friend sent a haiku she wrote–

joyful Obama!
your mother’s spirit lives on
fresh and new this day

And here’s another I had written–

the biggest change of
all, yes, a president who
says i love you back

Blessed one

2 thoughts on “blessed one

  1. These are beautiful fresh, surprising watercolors – I very much enjoyed them, unexpectedly, visiting Smith blogs.
    Thanks for posting your very pretty and unusual colorful paintings, each one has a special energy.
    I particularly like this one, though we watched the inaugation on an old rabbit-ear 12 in black and white TV, and it looked very cold, your painting is warm and lively, like a good memory.


  2. Didn’t know about your blog until today. I’ve never seen art like this before and I’m amazed beyond belief. You’re my friend and I didn’t know this about you!!! I’m posting on this particular pic because today is Obama’s second (third, actually) inauguration. Funny how my eyes caught this particular comment. Now back to your fabulous book!!!


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