Oranges in the jungle

I sat down with the intention to paint a picture of oranges (or rather, to copy the photo of oranges we were given, which was the assignment for our watercolor class), and here is the result


When I first photographed the painting (before acquiring a scanner), it was a bit late in the day. The light filtered through some tree branches, and an entirely new image was formed–

5 thoughts on “Oranges in the jungle

  1. Jude – you are a true artist! I feel so much kinship with you, as we both share a passion for good writing and art. Though my art lags much behind yours, I’d say. Watercolors are my favorites, so I especially like this painting.


  2. Jude

    I always like the way in which there are small, “hidden” surprises in your paintings. I get the impression that often your paintings don’t end up where you thought they would. I’m sure some of this is due to the watercolor medium. But whatever the cause, the effect is intriguing and probably fun for you!


  3. Bob, it would be fair to say that my painting **never** end up the way I thought they would. Because I never start out with any expectation about how they could or should turn out. It is all about surprise in the moment, letting the colors and patterns guide me and following the images that emerge. Don’t you also do that? Or is your process more “predetermined”?


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