Can you see the thunder?

I was itching to paint a figure in the sky here. I can see more than one  ready to burst forth. And there’s all that white space waiting to be burst into… But I stopped short because this was supposed to be a more conventional landscape. It seems people tend to be more attracted to a relatively customary way of viewing things. So for now, I’ll content myself with the unconventional challenge of seeing thunder.

4 thoughts on “Can you see the thunder?

  1. Another interesting piece, Jude. I really like the splash of color (is that the thunder) up in the corner. And it is a great color complement to the cool tones of the hills. I agree that people generally are more comfortable the more familiar a scene is. On the other hand, too ordinary doesn’t work either – I suppose we have to make something look familiar in an extraordinary way. No easy feat!


  2. I love your new paintings Jude! Such sensitive watercolor treatment. I see our familiar figure of God in the clouds up there directing the show.


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