Can you see the thunder?

I was itching to paint a figure in the sky here. I can see more than one  ready to burst forth. And there’s all that white space waiting to be burst into… But I stopped short because this was supposed to be a more conventional landscape. It seems people tend to be more attracted to a relatively customary way of viewing things. So for now, I’ll content myself with the unconventional challenge of seeing thunder.

Raining gold

Interestingly, the assignment for our watercolor class this week involved a photo of the Bay that was taken from an angle that is similar to the view from my house. That said, this really looks nothing like the view from my house…

Give me war, I give you peace

When I started to paint, the first figure to emerge was that of a soldier. I could see the metal helmet, the hand gripping a weapon.  I wanted to recoil from the harshness. It wasn’t an image to be created. So I kept going, and slowly it changed. The figure softened. Hints of angels appeared. The weapon became an offering of light. War turned to peace. Would it were so easy in this world where we live.